The latest invisible dog fences

Not that long ago I made my invisible dog fences myself, fortunately now you can buy off the shelf invisible dog fencing kits, the invisible fence system below costs $350, normally takes about a week to ship and can be setup in 30 minutes, its the best pet fencing system on the market.

Innotek UltraSmart Pet Fencing System

Another first from Innotek, a pet fencing system invisible dog fence that has so much more to offer. Now you can have a better behaved dog both indoors and out invisible dog fence. The appealing and comfortable UltraSmart collar works to keep your dog safe in the yard and teaches him to avoid areas in the home, such as trash cans, kitchen counters, or fine furniture. System includes all elements of an in-ground fencing system, invisible dog fence plus one wireless zone disk for placement indoors. Contain 'N' ZONES comes equipped with the exclusive ReadyTest(TM) feature that tells you when the training collar is properly fitted to the dog's neck! You won't struggle with a fit that's too loose or too tight. The pleasant audible click from the collar will assure you of perfect collar contact.

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Innotek Ultra Smart IUC-5100 Contain 'N' Train In-Ground Pet Fencing

invisible dog fences are an easy way to secure your pet, all the latest invisible pet fences are recommended.

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